The Shakers were an English sect who settled in America in the late 18th century. They were very influential in the Shaker Heights area. In 1905, two businessmen purchased a former Shaker property that they developed into Shaker Village ? a name that would later be changed to Shaker Heights. Since then, many more businessmen have started companies in this eastern suburb of Cleveland, causing its economy to grow and allowing more than 1,000 local businesses to flourish.

A variety of schools provide plenty of educational opportunities in Shaker Heights. Two preparatory schools for girls (Hathaway Brown School and Laurel School), one preparatory school for boys (University School) and one coed Catholic school provide education for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The public school system serves about 6,000 students at one high school, one middle school, one upper elementary school and five standard elementary schools. Older students can choose from a number of colleges and universities including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Notre Dame College of Ohio, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Electronics and Lakeland Community College.

Located in Cleveland, the Shaker Lakes and Parklands provide many recreational opportunities. The nature center at Shaker Lakes, which encourages the preservation and enjoyment of the environment, hosts a variety of monthly activities. Shaker Parklands features six natural habitats to explore: lake, stream, marsh, field, ravine and forest. Cleveland?s Cedar Point Amusement Park and Lakefront State Park provide additional opportunities for year-round outdoor fun.

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